Sunday, December 9, 2012


First grade Waldorf classroom

First grade Waldorf classroom






I attended a parent meeting for K's class over the weekend. I always love it when I am able to make it to them... I feel like I am getting a mini Waldorf education of my own. This particular meeting was even more delightful than I expected.We all spoke and shared quite personal  moments with one another. The best part was that we are all so open and accepting there was no judgement to be found. Goodness, I love our community - have I made that clear enough yet over the years?!

I am a big mess when it comes to speaking in front of others. I doesn't matter if it's a room full of friends or strangers - as soon as I feel the focus on me my face turns bright red, my heart starts to beat loud and fast, I shake, I am unable to breathe normal and end up gasping for air in between words, I can't articulate nor can I even hear what I am saying - it's as if I am under water. Even if I think it all out ahead of time, I just can't get the words together so my point doesn't come across. I pity any one who has to listen to me. I honestly try not to speak unless I really have to, but sometimes I just get nervous and excited and start muttering incohesively. (I did that our first parent meeting.) I swear I am not exaggerating. Oy vey. I have always been this way so I am trying to accept it. Anyone else this crazy??

Moving on... We may have to rethink our Advent wreath location this year, or maybe just put it up when it is not lit. Chubba Bubba has been in attack mode leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. I might be a bit irritated if it wasn't so funny. He is such a rascal and keeps us all in stitches over his antics.We have been trying to find ways for him to feel more like he's a part of what we are doing. The girls trade back and forth opening the Advent calender and placing the ornament on the Jesse tree each day but Little L didn't have anything to do. We decided to make him his own Advent chain. Now he can look forward to ripping and destroying something on a daily basis. He quite enjoys himself.

One last note - Every year we get a new Christmas book to add to our collection. Usually St. Nicholas will bring it but this year it didn't arrive in time so he gave the girls another book I already had saved for them. Anyways, I  wanted to share this little gem with you. I am so happy to have discovered it. It's called  Christmas Day in the Morning. We actually currently have it on loan from the library but I loved it and knew it was one we must own. The story is from 1955 but it was only released recently as a picture book. It's about a boy (that lives on a farm in the country) who discovers just how much his father really loves him and he wants to show just how much he loves him back, but they don't have a lot of money and it's Christmas Eve, so how could he?  Then he realizes what the best gift of all is...It's truly a book that nurtures what we try to instill in our children. *love!*

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