Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bringing balance




I have been in the process of cleaning out our pantry to follow the Forks Over Knives diet. One day as I did just that, Baby L did some work of his own. He pulled out all the items on the bottom shelf of our pantry and spent about a half hour organizing and reorganizing them. He was very serious and quite intent about what he was doing.

Another day I found our sweet potatoes neatly lined up on a windowsill in our dining room. Baby L struck again organizing the way he saw fit. Who is this little baby? He is not like his sisters and he couldn't possibly be the child of unorganized, hopeless me. I know, I know, this is probably just a phase. But maybe, just maybe this is a little bit of who he is. Did I mention that he loves to follow me around the house with a duster and dust all the way?! Oh boy, does he ever. Then there's cleaning the windows. He'll come rushing into any room he hears that familiar squeak of the rag and the vinegar on glass. I have learned to always have an extra rag already waiting for him.




And dishes! Oh how he loves to help Mama wash the dishes. I am sure he, somehow or other, intentionally wore clothing to match our dishes, too. He's sneaky like that, you know!



With so much work to be done my little boy gets tuckered out easily and falls asleep just about anywhere. He reminds me a lot of Freddie (and I foresee projects from that book in the future). I have never had a child fall asleep in the middle of eating before. He literally pushed his food away, put his head down on the tray and was out in seconds. I had to snap a photo or two before wrapping him up in my arms and carrying him to bed. Wouldn't you?

Oh my,I can hear the angels singing. His helpfulness and organizational skills are just what we need amidst the chaos around here. I do believe he was sent to bring balance to the force our family.

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