Thursday, April 5, 2012

This supposed superpower of mine





I had these plans to post about what our Lent was like - this is our first time, you know. Now here we are pretty much at Good Friday and I never said a word. My children and I have been on a journey of sorts these past few months, waking up to the beauty of this world around us. There is so much I would love to say and speak my heart about but I know that now is not the time. Not when my thoughts are not fully here but rather on last minute projects waiting for me, knowing how easily I get distracted from them. No, not just yet. I need to be fully immersed in a post like that.


What is it with me and sewing?! (Like I said, easily distracted!) It takes me a week to finish one dress. I could knit a dress in that same amount of time. I enjoy sewing, but I have to admit that I find it tedious if I do too much at a time. I need to walk away. Today as I sat at my sewing machine with my head down feeling defeated by another silly mistake (my seam ripper and have become very acquainted these past few days), K walked in with her bright eyes. She looked at my project and smiled saying, " Mama, I love that you know how to make clothes". The way she said it, with such admiration and enthusiasm in her voice - it was as if making clothing was a superpower. I feel rejuvenated after that and I will not allow myself to let her down. Time to get these dresses done!




p.s - Thought you might like to see the adorable projects K made in school for Easter. Can you ever really get enough of Waldorf crafts?! Her watercolor egg painting (like last year) and an egg and chick she felted. I really like the colors she chose for her egg. She made another spring basket, too but I didn't get a chance to photograph that yet. We'll be using it Sunday so maybe then. We haven't started Easter crafting at home just yet - we are waiting to celebrate the full Easter season, but believe me my girls are chomping at the bit to get started!

p.p.s - Have you seen the beautiful bee and honeycomb set from Armadillo Dreams? Well, if you have been admiring it (as I have) then please go check out their facebook page here before April 8th. They are giving one of these sets away!

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