Monday, March 5, 2012

A very merry unbirthday





We spent the day today celebrating Kevin's birthday, even though it really isn't his big day yet. His birthday falls on a weekday this year. It normally wouldn't matter which day it fell on but his crazy work schedule here makes it impossible to see him during the week (and sometimes weekend). The girls and I knew we needed to seize the first opportunity we had with him to celebrate, so we did just that.

K and C decorated the dining room for him and even made displays with their toys on the table. They put a lot of thought and love into the whole production right down to the rainbow cape that he wore and the story/puppet show K did for him before bed tonight.



The girls made him cards and I altered a couple of pairs of pants for him (his birthday request). You'll notice there are threads hanging out from the pants, I needed to have him try them on before I finalized it all.




All of the little ones and I made him some Paleo brownies from my new favorite cookbook: Make it Paleo: Over 200 Grain Free Recipes For Any Occasion. I think I have died and gone to Paleo Heaven. Even if you don't follow the Paleo diet - these are delicious!


Nope, Baby L didn't get any, but you can tell he enjoyed his spinach lunch as it is all over him!



After our little party we got ready for a family hike. Father sun distracted us briefly as he shined into the girls' bedroom oh so beautifully. K asked me to snap a picture of those rascally wrestling kitties of ours and then a picture of her, too.

(K's winter sweater from 2010)


(Notice he is wearing a pair of his newly altered pants)


Spring seems to be in the air right now. At a high of 58 degrees today we were on cloud nine, I still am actually, and dreaming about the beautiful days ahead.
Minus a few rough patches here and there (one involving our always barking dog Nara on the hike), I would say we had a very nice unbirthday celebration.

p.s - To try something new tonight I used Flickr to upload my pictures hoping to try and save time with posting. It did go a lot faster and more smoothly. I didn't have to edit the sizes of each individual picture and rearrange the pictures over and over again. Maybe I'll do this from now on!

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