Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring morning





The Root Childrenvisited us early in the morning on our rainy first day of spring. They tried to hide their gifts in clever yet visible spots in our front yard but the rain made it a bit tricky. They kept track of exactly where they left all of their goodies just in case the little ones needed some help finding them. Then they waited, and waited and waited. Baby L awoke and did some waiting of his own. Finally the girls woke up, got dressed and dashed outside. Even though it was very early in the morning and still rather dark outside it was a little bit too late for one of their gifts. A cheeky squirrel (quite possible the plumpest one I have seen yet) took off up a tree with the children's honey sticks, laughing and swishing his bushy tail the whole time. Oh well, our girls don't mind sharing with our friends of the forest.

Beautiful needlefelted root children display made by the parents of the first grade for our annual auction





The weather continues to play games on us. It snowed all day yesterday (melting instantly as it hit the ground) and then we had a few inches here this morning. It was all gone by lunch time today and it became a sunny spring-like day. In fact it was so nice outside, you would have never known it snowed if it wasn't for this little snowman stranded in the middle of our creek.

C has picked up the art of skipping. She practices all day long. Her excitement over this new found skill is contagious. I have found myself skipping a few happy steps of my own. Baby L, on the other hand, has started a habit of only sleeping every other night lately. It is quite the peculiar pattern, I must say. He must be on the verge of something - I just don't know what it is yet. My girls were and still are heavy sleepers. They slept in bed with us for the first few years of their lives (just like Baby L does and will). They would wake in the night but it would just be to nurse back to sleep. I would be on autopilot nursing them as I slept so I was always well rested. Baby L is very different, though. When he wakes up(usually around 12:30) he is up for two - four hours. Have any of your children done this? Were you able to help them into a different sleeping rhythm? Please do share how! I am not saying there is anything wrong with the way he sleeps, and even if I am exhausted - I am always so happy to see his sweet smiling face... but since I am going cross-eyed typing this, I think some sleep might do me good.

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