Monday, March 26, 2012

The seven year change






There are some changes going on around here. K is now smack dab in the middle of the 7 year change. She has been experiencing it in bits and pieces since she was about 5 1/2 but now she is fully immersed. Having the privilege to watch her go through such a big change is really breathtaking. She is such a thoughtful, wise and empathetic little person, she has really stepped up with helping me around the house, and takes such pleasure in taking care of her younger siblings. She is really coming into her own now. Of course every phase of life has it's bumps in the road and I am thankful for the never ending wisdom of her teachers and this book minus the parenting advice in it,(this one,too!) they recommended to me, as well. It's funny to think back when I first discovered Waldorf I thought that the 7 year change didn't happen until the child lost their milk (baby) teeth. I've been learning a lot since then. K is a lot like me in many ways, and I think the timing of her losing her milk teeth will be similar to mine, too. I lost mine pretty late compared to others and had quite a few of them pulled.

The changes of the season find us looking for any excuse to be outside. This weekend was beautiful with only a half of a day of rain. We took the opportunity to explore areas we haven't seen before.




I have been working on some things in the girls' room. Big changes there, for sure. For me, changes and messes go hand in hand so right now it's just a bit chaotic in there.




Baby L is teething so needless to say the poor guy is clingy right now. As I was trying to work on the girls' room today nothing I did seemed to make him happy. I found myself talking to him saying "What do you need from me little Bubba?". Then K came in the room and without saying a word she picked Baby L up and carried him into the kitchen. I quietly followed her curious as to what she was doing. She saw me peeking in on her and she said "He seemed like he was hungry so I thought I would share some food with him." Let me tell you, he was one happy little guy with her. He adores her so much. They have quite a tight bond. She understands him as much as I do, sometimes (like today) perhaps even more than I do! Thank God, for her patience and clarity, I hope she hangs on to them as she grows older.

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