Sunday, February 24, 2019

Light {8th birthday}

L birthday L birthday The birthday book we read ever birthday eve for all of my children. Birthday by Heather JarmanL birthday chicken wrapped in a playsilk card for L by K K's card for L per L's request - Tum Tum wrapped in a playsilk L birthday L birthday (F not happy about it) L birthday happy now L birthday L's requested cake
L birthday
IMG_2381 IMG_2383 IMG_2387 toothless IMG_2006 This little light of mine's birthday was last week. 8! Can you believe it? I sure can't! All he wanted for his birthday were his two front teeth...oh and one another tooth on the bottom. This dear boy of mine takes after his oldest sister when it comes to teeth. She didn't loose her first teeth until she was 7 and the same went for him. Now they are falling out like crazy!

In true L style, he didn't decide what kind of birthday he wanted until the week of his big day. After thoughtful consideration he decided on a transformers/construction truck party. Where this transformers obsession came from, I don't really know. I did my best to tie the two together. He was happy and that is all that matters.

He opened presents as soon as he woke up (our family tradition) but as I am sure you can see - one family member was not too happy about it. Baby F thought he was celebrating his own birthday again. L saw how sad his baby brother was and invited him to help open presents. He loves his brother so and is such a great big brother to him.

We spent the day playing with his new gifts and then went bowling...well, I *though* it was bowling but it ended up being mini-bowling. The kids all still had a blast and I think Baby F appreciated the mini balls he could actually grip to throw. L was nothing but smiles the whole time. We ended the day with dinner at Panera (his birthday meal request) and one last gift waiting for him at our door when we came home.

My prayer for this special boy of mine is that he will always let his light shine for all the world to see and never allow the darkness to smother it.

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