Sunday, January 13, 2019

King Winter

K teaching C how to drive a tractor for the boys no hands C trying herself L driving silly boys having fun outdoor play cleaning the coop He takes his driving very seriously Driving his tractor snow Spring chickens Spring chickens Spring chickens Some of our flock's eggs Eggs courtesy of Babette, Hei Hei, Meriwether, Sacagawea, Easter, Tum Tum, Gum Gum, and Susan

Old King Winter came out to play
And said I'm going to make this a very cold day
So he turned to the east ~ Whoooosh!
To the south ~ Whooosh!!
To the West Whooosh!

Then he turned to the North and said that's the best!
For my very good friend is the old North Wind
And when we play, we make a very, very, very cold day

(from Mary Theines Schunemann, Sing a Song of Seasons)

Old King Winter please stop teasing us and come out to play! We keep getting flurries here and there but not enough to amount to anything. We got our toboggan out of storage and so look forward to using it again. Soon King Winter, please??? In the meantime the kids are amusing themselves with K teaching C how to drive the riding lawnmower and L trying to teach Baby F how to drive their mini tractor. That tractor has already come in handy a few times with L driving firewood over to our fire pit.

Unfortunately, our chickens don't feel the same way about the snow as we do. Whenever there is any snow on the ground they all huddle at the edge of the coop unsure of what to do. Eventually Sacagawea and Meriwethere Feather Lewis hop out and the others follow. They have the sweetest little personalities and crack us up daily. It feels so good to finally have our own little homestead. I look forward to it growing more and more.

p.s. - I love how Baby F's driving matches his personality - fiery, fierce and always at full speed.

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