Sunday, October 28, 2018

Our Pumpkin Tradition

pumpkin patch picked his pumpkin goats IMG_0853
We are always drawn to the animals wherever we may go.
pumpkin patch pumpkin patch pumpkin patch serious serious
Such a serious boy!
baby f laughing so hard group shot!!! sorghum sorghum love their relationship cuties the rare candy experience pumpkin patch

It's that time of year again and I am so happy that this year we were able to do it! As you know we were in a bit of a rough patch while living in Oregon so we ended up not being able to do our yearly pumpkin patch fun and photo. 😞 This has been our yearly tradition ever since I learned how to knit (while pregnant with C) - most important to me is the group shot of all my children in mama made pumpkin hats. So thankful to be out of that barely surviving situation in Oregon to thriving here in Pennsylvania.

*Apparently I need to knit my three oldest new pumpkin hats for next year. These are all knit in the adult size but they are much too short now. Looks like I have a new project to work on but not until after the Christmas rush!

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