Sunday, September 23, 2018

Once a King or Queen of Narnia (13!)

...Always a King or Queen of Narnia.

my failed attempt at Turkish Delight My 2nd and final attempt at Turkish Delight. It was a total failure but they ate it anyway. Narnia banner 13 Tea Tea with Mr. Tumnus. Mrs. Beaver's marmalade roll Mrs. Beaver's marmalade roll. on the phone with Nana Susan Pevensie dress for K crown dress IMG_9675 Susan Pevensie dress birthday birthday

My baby girl is 13. How can that be? My first born - the one who made me a mama. It is all so bittersweet. I wrote a little about the complexity of being the first born on my IG account last week. Her kindergarten teacher always told me that  K chose to come first and knew what she was getting herself into. I always find comfort in that, knowing how hard it can be to be the oldest - the one that your parents learn to parent from. I am so grateful for her and really don't know how I deserve her or any of my children.

I have never seen K smile as much as she did on her 13th birthday. I think I hit the nail on the head with all of the Narnia decorations, food and whatnots. She wore her Susan Pevensie dress all day long and enjoyed her time with family. I think the icing on the cake was daddy spending the entire day with her - something she has been needing for a long time.

We enjoyed our usual birthday treats: apple doughnuts with apple cider, pumpkin hand pies and pumpkin soup but this year we added in Narnia treats from the Narnia cookbook: Lucy's roasted apples, Mrs. Beavers marmalade roll, turkish delight, along with other yummies that I can't remember at the moment (I spent the whole day before her birthday cooking and baking so it is all a blur now).

K's gifts were all things she needed/wanted. Her choices are so much more grown up and practical now - rainboots, a bigger water bottle, clothes... Such a change from all the whimsical things I used to give/make her in the past. I was secretly very happy that she asked me to sew her that Susan Pevensie dress - their is still some magic of childhood in her and this mams needed to see that!

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