Sunday, September 2, 2018

Nighttime Nature Walks

C's Narnia playdoh pie chicks in the house comfy chicken run saw saw saw leaf sunlight IMG_8902 Giant Silk Moth IMG_9198 Baby F wanted to come outside while I was taking pics of L with the Giant Silk Moth but refused to get dressed so we had an audience. 🙈Giant Silk Moth Living out in the country our neighbors are few and far between. We enjoy the privacy but I also enjoy chatting with them when I can. For the most part, they are the friendliest neighbors we have ever had (minus a few but maybe they just need to warm up to us still or hey, they could be introverts like me!). They also look out for us and seem to know our routines, especially when it comes to me and Baby F.

 I talked about our nighttime nature walks over on IG but I don't think I mentioned it here. Every night now, Baby F goes up on me in the Tula babycarrier and we take a nighttime nature walk (you can actually see some of our videos from our nightly walks in my highlights above the pictures here. It is currently the 5th circle from the left). The first half is spent identifying things we see in nature and spotting animal tracks, etc. and then on the way back home I sing him to sleep. I love our special one on one time.

If someone sees a bear anywhere nearby they will drive out of their way to chase me down on my nighttime walk and let me know. I try to be very aware on our walks knowing that we are deep out in the country and bear sightings are very common (in our own yard, too!), not to mention the couple of speeding cars that come barreling down our narrow road. We keep our walks at the same time every night mostly to be consistent with Baby F's bedtime but also to make sure we are not out walking in the dark. Well, last night time got away from me and before I knew it we were leaving for our long walk as the sun was nearly set. By the time I reached our turnaround point it was already pitch black out. Shortly thereafter one of our neighbors drove past. He turned around and came back to us and with a concerned look on his face asked if we needed a ride. I explained to him that I was trying to get Baby F down and thanked him for stopping. He drove ahead, turned around again and asked if he could at least give us a flashlight. We chatted a little and I again thanked him but declined. By that point we were close to our house.

It may have been a small act of kindness but I was so touched by his concern. He reminded me not only of the good that really does exist in this world but of Who provides this good and how some days His love comes through others.

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