Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Crafting On

The act of creating, in one form or another, preserves my sanity amongst the chaos of life. This explains why I always have more than one project guoing at a time as well as why my housework tends to fall behind. I enjoy seeing what others are working on and keeping calm with, too. What are you creating? What is keeping you going? Snap a picture or two, post it on your blog, on Instagram #craftingon and/or Flickr and then share it with the rest of us by leaving your link below.

Crafting On
A couple of weeks back K was looking at the Webs catalog and she spied a sweater pattern she really liked - Scarrington by Fiona Ellis. She showed it to me and went on and on about how much she liked it. I think it was because of the yarn color but either way she was smitten with it. I took the hint and ordered the pattern and yarn (same yarn shown on the sample) to knit it for her upcoming birthday. I am glad I am starting so early because it is a bottom up sweater worked flat. That will take quite a while to finish. Not to mention my little girl is now in women's sizes so it is like knitting a sweater for me. 😲

What are you working on? Happy creating!

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