Sunday, May 27, 2018

Wild and Free (as they were always meant to be)!

organic blueberry bushes organic blueberry bushes wild and free! wild and free IMG_6500 stream creek by the creek Kaze Kaze play play play play play creek creek love I am loving this place we live in. We have neighbors come and visit us every few days just to introduce themselves and tell us some of the history of this old home. It was originally built by a general in the civil war. He even made the bricks for it himself in his kiln.

Yesterday as the children and I were outside enjoying the warm weather a neighbor drove up and delivered some very exciting news. He pointed to the bushes at the back of our property (that I had not yet noticed) and said, "I heard you like canning. Well, those are blueberry bushes over there. If you go clean them up a bit you'll get a decent yield from them this year. Make sure you get to them before the birds though!" I couldn't believe my ears! The kids and I ran right over and sure enough they were blueberry bushes. We set to work cleaning them up and now all we can do is wait and pray. Blueberries are Little L's favorite fruit so if they really do produce some this year he will be on cloud nine. Oh and did I mention this used to be a certified organic farm?! They stopped working the land a few years ago but everything is still in pristine shape.

Something else exciting on our land is a beautiful stream that opens up to a creek. I have a feeling most of our summer days will be spent here - well, once we get the tick situation under control. We have collectively had 16 ticks on us in the one month we have been living here. 😧

My children spend most of their days outside and who could blame them for wanting to do so?! It makes my heart feel so full when I see them all running around wild and free. They needed this. We all needed this.

Somebody pinch me please - I must be dreaming!

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