Monday, March 5, 2018

Surprises for Seven

pinata pinata IMG_5594 pinata pinata pinata pinata rock wall for the 1st time
rock wall
friends friends friends friends friends goodbyes

My dear Little L just turned seven (!!) and boy did he have a full birthday. We started the day out with a pinata (his request) and presents. Then we hung out at home until our daily lap swim time. That was when his birthday celebration really began. We arrived at the pool to discover that our dear friends from Portland were there (little did he know I was working on that surprise the day beforehand). Instead of lap swim we did the rock wall (my kiddos first time) and then played in the pool for awhile.  Afterwards we went to a park for some play and vegan cheesecake (our house is too small for us, let alone guests). We went out for dinner and then the freezing temperatures and late hour made us call it quits for the night. Thankfully, the celebrating lasted a bit longer as it carried over to the next day when we met up at the beach to say our goodbyes before they had to head back to Portland. We were all sad when they had to go but found comfort in knowing we'll see them again sometime soon. L was a smiles as we drove away. He said it was his best birthday yet!

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