Monday, March 26, 2018

Reading instead of destroying

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Baby F is getting more and more into reading books instead of destroying them *ahem* and that inspired me. It has been quite awhile since I have shared our favorite board books/toddler books so I thought a new book post was due. Most of the books I am sharing have been gifted to us or purchased since our move, so you will notice they are different than our usual board book favorites (and I am just noticing many of them were recommended by Baby F's Godmother - how funny!). I think you know what I am going to say next - all our books are in storage. 😞

I have to start with Baby F's absolute favorite book right now: Oliver Finds His Way. This was one we picked up at the library on a whim and ended up having to buy our own copy because he loved it so much. It has become his bedtime story each night. He loves to "read" Oliver the bear's roars himself, adding fun and giggles to our bedtime routine. I wish you could hear his cute little bear sounds and see the scrunchy nose he makes when he does them.

Other current favorites are (click on the book images for the links):

 These two books did not have images on Amazon but I still wanted to share them with you:

 Baby's Seasons (pictured in the 6th picture down)
 The Easter Story
The wooden books pictured were purchased from Nova Natural when K was a baby.

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