Monday, January 15, 2018

On the cusp

sunbathing itchy chin jane and sunday sweater jane and sunday sweater sunset

We may very well be on the cusp of something big - something so very needed. Yet I hesitate to say exactly what that something is in this space until we know more. So in the meantime while my brain just can not concentrate on anything but the possibility of something, I thought I would share some images from recent outings. The weather this weekend was unseasonably warm - in the mid-sixties!  It felt like the beginning of springtime. Even the birds sang in joy over it. As you can see the sea life was out in full swing on our beaches soaking up the warm sun while they could. What an incredible sight to see!

My baby turns two next week and I think I am just in such shock and disbelief that I have failed to plan or get him anything. Wasn't he just my tiny 5 pound baby a few months ago?! Oh time you are such a thief! Any last minute ideas? Fox themed ideas are even better!

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