Monday, November 13, 2017

Schooling on a boat

K's nature journal page on autumn leaves (drawing a close up of the chlorophyll within the leaf) Nature journaling The girls writing and drawing about chlorophyll in leaves in their nature journals (Little L did this, too). boat trip boat trip that face! boat trip boat trip boat trip boat trip
Not only do we have the gorgeous Pacific Ocean nearby but also many beautiful rivers, streams, waterfalls and lakes - a water lover's dream. Kevin had been wanting to take the children out on a boat for years but we just never made it happen. Over the summer he finally got the chance and took our three oldest out in a canoe all day on Delake. They had such a great time that he decided the whole family needed to experience it. We talked about it here and there, again not finding the time, and then one day the stars aligned and it just happened. We decided a canoe was not the best idea for our high energy, rambunctious Baby F (I mean, did we really want to all end up in the freezing cold water?) but rather a somewhat larger motorboat. Our three oldest had a blast. They each took turns driving it. Learning how to drive a motorboat is schooling right? Life learning I say! Much to my surprise, Baby F aka Finnbar the Mobile (Kevin's viking nickname for him) enjoyed it, too. He seemed mesmerized by the feeling of gliding over the water. We spent hours out on the lake, stopping here and there at playgrounds and parks to observe the wildlife and study the plants and ecosystems. We even came across deer in the water. Kevin tried to get the boat as close to shore as possible so I could get a picture but the water was far too shallow and we almost got stuck. Another lesson for the children, right? 🙈 All in all I would say this day was an experience they won't forget.

Some school days require field trips. Sometimes those field trips are just the break you all needed from the monotony of home life. This mini field trip was just that.

p.s. - Completely unrelated but felt the need to share.
When your knitting tools (blocking mats) are found and become toys... when your knitting tools become toys...

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