Monday, November 6, 2017

Lessons learned from our tiny house

Halloween Halloween Halloween
See that tear? My poor little guy was still a bit miserable after the fever cleared.


sick nap nap that hair!
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your emails and comments on Baby F's fever. It seems a bit strange feeling so afraid since I have gone through illness with three babies before him. There is just something about high fevers, especially ones that last for days. They leave me feeling so helpless. Anyways, thank you! It did indeed end up being roseola, as some of you had guessed, something I never even knew existed. I still have no clue how he even got it, since we hadn't gone out at all for almost a week before he came down with it. Oh well, it is done and over with now. Time to move forward.

After what feels like a long dark period, things seem to be looking up for us. We are working hard at getting rid of our debt and have finally been given the okay to get back to house hunting. 😍 We are just waiting on a new realtor to be assigned to us. I am cautiously optimistic. I am still uncertain of the possibility of finding anything in Oregon within our price range but I will hang on to hope. Our time in this tiny house has taught us a few things about what type of house we would want to call home. We were very certain that we wanted a tiny house for years but now after living in one we realize it is just not realistic for our family of six with four large dogs and five indoor cats. We also realized that more than one bathroom is not a luxury but a necessity! 😂 We always have something to learn through every experience, don't we?

I should probably acknowledge Halloween in this post too, huh? I actually didn't take any photos this year other than the few of Baby F helping out with his siblings pumpkins (K's pumpkin said Narnia, btw). This year K was a green fairy, C was Dorothy again, L was a shark (of course) and Baby F was still getting over his sickness so he just came along for the ride in my Tula. He did have his pumpkin hat on though so perhaps we was dressed as a pumpkin. Yeah, lets just go with that. We went trick or treating up in Newport by Kevin's college, as we didn't feel safe going in the neighborhood we are living in now. On the way home we discussed next year's Halloween. We decided that our children would go as the Pevensie children from the Chronicles or Narnia. It works out rather perfectly since we have two girls and two boys. Now we just have to figure out costumes...

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