Monday, October 30, 2017


Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle C in her Bulle from Christmas 2015 matchy-match matchy-match Matchy-matchy boys sick baby

Hello, hello! Boy, was last week quite troublesome! My sweet little baby boy had a mystery illness with a four day long high fever, giving his Mama many sleepless nights. My other children have had high fevers as babies at one point or another too but nothing like this. Nothing that would keep me up all night on pins and needles, praying and watching them breathe. I am happy to say that as of Sunday night he seems to be on the mend. I feel like I can exhale and maybe even catch up on some of that lost sleep now (Dare I say maybe even finally get a shower?!).

That dear baby boy of mine is really starting to enter into the phase of endless play. It is so much fun to watch him seek out his big brother to play with him each day and then try to dictate how they play. Right now it seems it has to be Baby F's way or no way. Thankfully L is very patient with him and willing to play how he wants to. I honestly think L is just grateful for the time with him. He always wanted a brother to play with and now it is finally starting to happen. Something else that is making L very happy right now is seeing his baby brother growing into some of his old shark clothing. He especially loves that they have matching shark sweatshirts at the moment. Do you remember when L was tiny enough to wear that smaller one?! Oh goodness!!

Oh, and those photos of my C! We were at the park the other day and I happened to have my camera on me. I realized that I never took photos of her Bulle I knit her for Christmas 2015 (yep, it still fits) so I snagged a couple before she took off to play. I can't believe it took me so long! I don't think I have documented the Bulle I knit K that same year either. Geesh. I guess I could blame my pregnancy with Baby F for that fail.

p.s. - Do me a favor and please ignore the life sucking messy clutter, in the photos above, that is this tiny temporary house, okay?

p.p.s. - Last minute Halloween projects can be found here.

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