Monday, October 16, 2017

Birthday Week: Part Two

puffin autumn is coming slide slide watching the fish below leopard shark and Little L taken it all in leopard shark looking at the sharks below It almost looks like he is pouting in this pic but he is actually looking at the sharks swimming below him underwater bye! scuba diver
I couldn't get everyone to cooperate
daddy and baby daddy and baby
Flock and Fiber Festival Surprise
flock and fiber party gathered helping remove a splinter buddies Wooly Moss Roots
I love ewe

As I mentioned last week, I wanted to share the last bit from K's birthday week/Purple Grandma's visit. Much to Little L's delight we went to the local aquarium. He is planning to be the next Jacques Cousteau, you know. His special hammerhead shark Lavender came along, too. The aquarium was awesome. We could make a homeschool field trip out of it one of these days. There was so much to learn. I think everyone had fun. However, when we got to the shark tank I was a bit surprised by Little L's reaction or should I say lack thereof. I could tell he was happy to see sharks in real life but I think I expected a little something more, I mean we all know of his shark obsession, right?! It wasn't until about halfway through our time at the aquarium that it dawned on me that he was just drained and overwhelmed, you can see it in his sweet face in the pictures. My children, like me, are homebodies (and most on the introvert side as well) so our week of going out every day just exhausted us and left us all (myself included) not at our best. We were very grateful for all our experiences but just wishing we could have somehow spread them out a bit more. Of course, that wasn't really possible. Someone should make a book on vacationing for introverts. I know I'd buy it. 😂

K also had a very special surprise at the annual Flock and Fiber Festival. Her very best friends from Portland (the very same ones we saw for my birthday in August) came to see her and celebrate her birthday. Kevin and I were both in on the surprise this time but I couldn't believe all they did. They even brought a cake! She was beside herself with joy - she loves them all so (as do the rest of us). I am guessing this was one of her favorite birthdays yet (only behind the two joint birthday parties with the same friends at the pumpkin patch in Portland). It was her very own birthday party in with the sheep and woolly goodness.

Speaking of woolly, we also met up with my friend Taryn of Wooly Moss Roots and her family there. They had a booth set up, which was amazing by the way, and we had been planning to get together and let our boys play as soon as we knew we'd be back in Oregon for the event. Oh my, those boys of ours. They go months, even years without seeing one another (they write - actually draw pictures, in between) yet they act like they were just together the day before. Such a sweet friendship they have. I think the same goes for Taryn and I. What blessings friends are!!

Unfortunately, we got the event later in the day than we intended so we didn't get as much time with our friends as we had wanted but we are still grateful for the time we did have. I am sure you can imagine that it was hard for all of us to leave, but we all know we will see each other again soon.

And just because this picture is too funny not to share:
silly friends

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