Sunday, September 10, 2017

Solace (and help for baby Imogen)

smoke smoke smoke mist and smoke play play Are you looking Mama? It is time for... sand/mud bathing a sand/mud bath. proud of himself Quite proud of himself. ocean forestfire

I am sure you have seen the forest fire destroying a large portion of our favorite Oregon places on the news. It blows my mind and saddens my heart to see so much destruction. Even here on the coast the smoke has covered the sun for days, casting an eerie light on everything. Praying for more rain to help us out!

prayers A compassionate, loving mama that I know is pregnant with a baby girl. I say I know her, but really we have never met in person. She is someone that I used to chat with frequently back when I first started blogging. I haven't been in contact with her in quite awhile but reconnected when I heard the news of her baby. The doctors have told her from very early on in her pregnancy that the baby girl would not make it once she was outside of the womb. Further testing has shown this to be true. I strongly believe in misdiagnoses as well as miracles but there is a big chance this mama will only get to hold her angel baby for a short while. I am on the opposite coast wanting to do something, ANYTHING to help both mother and baby. I felt utterly helpless but then I decided something feasible that I could so would be to knit something to wrap them in. So they feel love surrounding them. I thought this might be beautiful so this mama knows that her baby's life is cherished and celebrated but also something for her to wrap herself in to comfort her through such a painful time. A prayer shawl seemed just the thing. I chose the yarn very carefully. I remember this mama loving brighter colors and this yarn has been in my stash since C was tiny, hand spun by one of the sweetest mamas I know. I have been hanging on to it myself because I love it so much and was hoping to use it for my own baby girl someday...but this is so much of an important reason to gift it. I hope this small gesture brings some solace and covers them both with my love.

Please friends, I ask that you join me in praying (and sending love) for these two beautiful souls and continue the prayers for the upcoming weeks as baby's due date (full term) draws near. She also has a Go Fund Me page set up to help out with funeral expenses among other things. If you feel so inclined to help out in that way, I know it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all!

ETA: They are also in the path or Hurricane Irma which may make baby arrive sooner!

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