Monday, September 4, 2017

Nature's Playground

creek refresh nature's playground fish A little hard to see under my refection but there are fish in there snowberries Snowberries! I haven't seen any since we lived in Portland. nature's playground beautiful trees crayfish search Searching for Crayfish crayfish brothers He wants his turn... Baby F wants his turn to walk Nara not happy he isn't old enough to walk Nara ...But he isn't old enough yet. Poor guy. getting his hair wet wanting big sister Wanting his big sister IMG_2725 IMG_2753 Blackberry snacks picked by K

When you combine Labor Day weekend with hot weather you get two thing - endless traffic and crowded beaches. So when it got hot today instead of escaping to the beach as we usually do, we decided to something a little different. We packed bathing suits and went to the Salmon River instead. The part of the river that is close to our house is rather peaceful with water shallow enough for Baby F but still deep enough in spots for my older children. There are endless amounts of trees to provide shade and, at the moment, plentiful blackberries to snack on. It really can't get much more perfect. I feel very fortunate to have such a spot nearby.  I have often imagined such a place for my children to play through the years.

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