Monday, August 21, 2017

Doing Good

spring into summer romper spring into summer romper spring into summer romper spring into summer romper spring into summer romper spring into summer romper Always running straight towards the water... pic by one of my kids *i think!* I found this photo on my camera perhaps taken by my children or one of my friend's children. Not sure who. Maybe it will forever be a great mystery! beach

Hey there! I really did intend to write this post last week but I didn't factor in that it was also Kevin's week of finals in college. In a one computer household, I think college finals should probably take a bit of precedence over blogging, don't you? Anyway, I am sorry about that.

About that birthday of mine. I will admit that ever since I first hit my thirties I haven't been as excited about aging another year. I still look forward to my children celebrating my life but I suppose I am starting to think a bit more deeply about life itself now. This birthday was no different. I found myself deep in my own head early in the morning, a tendency we introverts seem to have. I spent most of the day at home in my pajamas spending time with those I hold most dear. My children made me the sweetest cards (I meant to photograph them), all featuring the birds I love observing outside my kitchen window. The chestnut backed chickadee being the bird that all three of my older children chose to feature. The heartfelt words in K's card gave me just the perspective I needed to get out of my head. Not to mention the affirmation that I think every mother needs to hear.  You know how you work so hard to instill particular values and virtues in your children? And how you lead by example day after day but sometimes wonder if they are even catching on?  Well, her words let me know she is getting it. I have to share a few words from her card here because I never want to forget them. Lord knows I am incredibly hard on myself as a mother and reading these words from time to time just might be what I need to move forward:

I know that you are always there for me and you help me through my struggles. Many times I have seen you helping others - strangers even or C, L or Baby F. You are there when we call for help as our loving Mama. I have seen you go out of your way to make others happy. It makes me want to cry. You act like a mother to all. I know that we are struggling a little right now yet you act fine about it. You are kind, gentle, loving and so much more. Everyone loves you - at least everyone that I have ever seen you with.

My goodness, talk about children being a blessing from above! I am sure you can imagine that I cried upon reading those words. She reminded me that the purpose of each and every year I get to spend on this earth is for doing good and the more years I get to do good, the better!

After cards and cake (way too early in the day for that sugar rush; my head hurts just thinking about it), Kevin announced that we were going out to pick up lunch and bring it to a new beach we hadn't checked out yet. Getting a break from cooking is always a nice present to me so this was happy news. We picked up our food and watched the ocean waves as we enjoyed it. Afterwards Kevin mentioned there were some cute shops and thrift stores nearby.  I immediately noticed an Irish pub and shop I wanted to check out (I am always looking for things with C and Baby F's names on them). I was changing Baby F's clothes in the van and then Kevin abruptly informed me that I needed to hurry.  I picked Baby F up and turned around to hear K say, "Hey, those kids over there look like the D's." You know, their very dear friends from Portland (and their Mama is a friend of mine). "Wait! It is the D's!" Next thing I know my friend is walking up to me saying "Happy Birthday!" and all our children are smiling and amazed to see each other. This birthday surprise was not only a surprise to me but to all our children as well. None of them knew! We followed the D's back to their beach rental and literally spent the rest of the day and very late into the night with friends we had missed so dearly. It was such a joyous time filled with smiles, laughter and much needed reconnecting. What an incredible birthday I had. My heart is so full!

p.s. - Look, look! I finally had Baby F wear his Spring into Summer Romper. He is letting you know it is a bit too long in the body by holding it up as he runs. Oh well, I still think it looks adorable on him. I was aiming for more of an 18-month size but it looks like I overestimated and ended up with something closer to a 2T instead.

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