Monday, July 10, 2017

wild and free

wild and free beach gnome beach gnome Nara 4th of july8 4th of july 4th of july umm-eeeeee (as baby f says) 4th of july yummy sparklers sparklers their 1st fireworks I love seeing my children so wild and free when they are at the beach. Baby F, on the other hand, needs to be reigned in a bit. That little beach gnome of mine takes off in the blink of an eye. He runs up to the waves and the entire way (because I keep him wayyyy back by the driftwood) shouts "Hi!" and waves his hand at the water. I don't ever want to forget that. While we are talking about cute Baby F things I don't want to forget - he just started saying Ummmm-eeeees (yummies). He used to say Umm (yum) for food while doing the baby sign for food but now he says Ummmm-eeeees instead. The best is when he first wakes up in the morning. He will wake me up and then point to the bedroom door (the kitchen is on the other side of it) saying Ummmm-eeeees and doing an exaggerated baby sign for drink. That boy of mine is such a clever little rascal.

This Fourth of July was a big first for our my children. They got to do sparklers for the first time and then go to their first fireworks show. They have never seen them before because the sun sets so late in the summer (the show didn't start until nearly eleven pm), and they have an early bedtime. But this year we wanted to do something extra special since we couldn't do all our usual celebrating with everything we needed in storage. The kids all loved it but were literally falling asleep on the beach. I almost thought we would have to carry them back to the van. They slept well that night and late into the next day. I think it was worth it. 😊

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