Monday, July 31, 2017

Thief of Joy

his sisters snuck him cotton candy oh boy can you guess L's fav game at the fun festival? can't sit still running free splashing his siblings L photobomb trying to run to the ocean ever watchful sister love Lincoln City

After last Sunday's post, I mentioned on Instagram that I was in a funk and just couldn't get out of it. Well, I admit I am still slightly in my personal pit of despair (a little bit of Princess Bride, if you will) but I can see the top and am making my way out of it. They say comparison is the thief of joy, and I fully agree but how does one stop comparing when you are stuck in a moment? I try my best, and most of the time I am content but there are just some days when I lose control and wallow in self pity. Especially since the move here. I really do not like those days, I know that isn't the real me. But a compassionate voice reminded me to stop and see all the blessings I take for granted when I have one of those days (or weeks). I stopped what I was doing and saw the bigger picture again -  the one I usually see but had lost sight of. Now to just keep that momentum going.

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