Monday, July 3, 2017

school daze

IMG_0017 IMG_0018 ignore the clutter that is our temporary house IMG_0689 kite festival kite festival playing kiss the fox watching the kites buried burying himself burying himself

Kevin started full-time college last week. We miss Kevin during the day - we grew rather used to him being home all the time but alas we knew it wouldn't last. He is enjoying college so far and is far less stressed than he was while trying to do college and work his military job.

I decided that since Daddy was going to school it would be a good time to really create structure for our little homeschool. The first day started great but then each day thereafter became progressively worse. By Thursday one of my children happily did their work, another refused to all together and a third was in tears. Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you! A day like that would have normally pushed me over the edge, crushing my enthusiasm and confidence with it, leading to a long break from homeschooling until I could muster the strength to try again. This time though, things were different. I addressed my sweet crying child first. We got to the root of it all and discovered the sadness was over not being able to play or read all day long. We worked through it together and carried on. I switched out science that day with our tour a country lessons starting with Canada. I think that little switch made a difference, too. I knew the child of mine that refused to school all together would come back around and sure enough I was right. Phew, we survived the day! We never really have had a real homeschooling schedule so in hindsight I can see what it was so hard for them. Change of any kind can be so hard. I am taking that knowledge with me as we enter into week two tomorrow, perhaps along with a little pep talk in the morning. 

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