Monday, May 29, 2017

settling in ripping apart the ergo one thread at a time yum! siblings IMG_9574 IMG_9583 IMG_9581 IMG_9586 hi dada! IMG_9378 Still settling in to this new life. We have a couple more weeks until Kevin starts college so we are enjoying having him home while we can. Daily beach play and long lazy days - yes please! However, the need for structure is being apparent so schooling will be starting back up very soon. I have been putting it off waiting for everything to be just so but it hit me that the perfect scenario will never exist so I just need to get on with it - house full of boxes and clutter and all!

The place we are renting is only about thirteen miles from the beach but it is up on some hills in the woods. It is funny just how different the weather is from our home to the beach. We will be in short sleeves at our house and then coats and hats at the beach. Although my three older children seem to be oblivious to the cold - running and jumping into the ocean with coats on! Ha!

The house hunt isn't going much better here than it was from afar in Idaho. We are contemplating building our own log cabin now but the thought of just how long that would take is a bit frightening. However, the thought of having something built with our own hands does sound well worth the wait. We'll see! Lots of thought and prayer going into this next step in life.

p.s. - Somehow I managed to go all my life without trying strawberry and rhubarb together. One pie was all it took - I am obsessed!

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