Monday, May 22, 2017


Just before we left: before we left Play derby derby Derby with Trail Life volunteering before we left volunteering before we left Volunteering one last time packing IMG_9158 Life boxed up cleaning help Cleaning help K's note to the housekeepers in the temporary lodging facility on base A child's gratitude left to the housekeepers in the temporary lodging facility on base

 On the road: that hair! co-pilot road trip road trip Arriving at the coast: sunset love first beach play walking on sand for the first time feels weird!
 Hello, hello! Long time no see, huh? Well, as I am sure you know, we have been a bit busy. We survived our final house inspection just barely scraping by. In the end we owed the contracting company $431, and while that is a lot of money for us, it is nothing compared to what others have told us they were charged. I am not dwelling on it and just moving forward.

The road trip from our little town in Idaho to the Oregon coast was beautiful and scary (well, only for me - I don't like driving in mountains, especially at night!). I am so grateful that my little baby who strongly dislikes car rides slept through most of the trip. We didn't arrive to the coast until very late at night but we still had to go see the ocean. The children were in heaven, especially my shark loving boy (although he was upset that there weren't any sharks just hanging out in the waves waiting to greet him.). We have been spending every free moment since then at the beach just soaking it all in and throwing our worries to the wind. Baby F was absolutely perplexed feeling sand beneath his feet for the first time. He had me giggling as he tried walking on it, not quite able to get his footing. But boy let me tell you, once he figured it out he became daredevil boy. Whenever we put him down now he runs as fast as he can straight to the ocean, giving me heart attacks each time.

Kevin already switched our vehicle information over to Oregon and we got our new licenses. I have a little story to go with that - We had to take drivers test for them and I failed! Apparently a lot has changed in the last seventeen years since I took my first test and well, Oregon has some strange rules. Kevin and my children found it all very funny. I even texted my Mom joking about my failure. Thankfully I passed when I retook the exam the next day.

Now that we are here, and I am actually sitting down for the first time in what feels like months, it is time to focus on homeschooling catch up (stricter homeschooling laws here *sigh*) and finding our home! I am very grateful for a roof over our heads but we are literally bursting at the seams of this tiny house.  If that isn't motivation to find a place then I don't know what is!

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