Sunday, April 2, 2017

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bday6 IMG_7415 6th birthday bday4 So apparently this moving madness has me falling far behind on pretty much everything. I mean good grief, I still have photos from our snowy winter to share! But I thought it best to share some moments from L's birthday (in February *gulp*), especially with C's birthday just around the corner.

My sweet boy is so full of joy and just such a lover of life. You can't help but smile when you are with him. He is my little talker. I can pretty much always count on him to be my shadow following me around as I do my daily chores in the house, chatting about this and that all the while. At six, he is really starting to become a little gentleman while at the same time a bit more...well, boy. He has the energy to run to the moon and back at home but is so quiet and reserved when we are out and about. Sharks are still the best thing ever to him but now trains are becoming a new second favorite. He continues to love to live in his pajamas all day, every day and wishes all clothing was as comfy as them.

We spent his birthday at home playing with trains and just enjoying time as a family. We always let the birthday child chose their meals for the day and L's food involved a lot of seaweed (that is what vegetarian sharks eat - just ask L!), a vegan mac and cheese lunch and then grilling out for dinner - grilled pickles being the favorite.

Before his birthday he was begging me to do "real homeschooling" with him. The Waldorf kindergarten rhythm just wasn't cutting it any longer. As a birthday present Kevin and I bought him these alphabet, number and blank line chalkboards from Chalk Full Of Design. They were just the thing he was looking for. I also bought a box of standard white chalk for him to use with the boards. I thought about chalk markers but then decided against it. I haven't had the best of luck with them in the past (dry out quickly, drip ink everywhere, and just difficult to use) and I didn't want them to frustrate L. Well, that was until I discovered Chalkola chalk markers. I decided to give them a try after reading such good reviews of them and boy am I glad I did! They don't have any of the issues the chalk markers in the past had are are really smooth and clean to write with. They are not only perfect for me to use (I like to write my meal plans on a slate) but great for children, too. As you can see below, L really likes all the color options he has. They seem to inspire him to practice his writing more.
Chalkola is kindly offering all of you a 15% flat discount on all Chalkola products with coupon code - 15OFFSTR
6mm Pens (What L is using in the photos above) Chalkola-Chalk-Markers- Metallic-Colors/dp/B00PM473TK
15mm Markers - Window-Markers-Businesses- Chalkboard-Whiteboard/dp/ B0112OP7BY

See you all on Tuesday for Crafting On! I am trying my hardest to be more present in this space, too.

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