Wednesday, March 22, 2017


escape to the park
cutest overalls
warm enough for popsicles play play play
Today started out like all the others - wake, morning chores then homeschooling. That is where normal ends. Kevin had the day off from work and he and I spent all our time looking at houses our realtor sent us on the computer. We ended up finding a fixer upper in our price range. Before we knew it we had plans to leave tomorrow on a whirlwind trip to Oregon to look at it and place an offer before it sold. Then late this evening our realtor called us back and said it needed too much work and our loan wouldn't be approved. I am slightly relieved that we don't have to leave all of the sudden now but also disappointed. Back to the drawing board. Something better will come our way.

can't wait to read this
On a different note: I am so excited to read this book! It has been sitting on my desk for about a month now (hence the old photo) and I have only been able to find the time to skim through it here and there but I can not wait to dive into it. Speaking of knitting and reading, I wanted to take a moment to say hello and welcome to all the new visitors from Yarn Along. It is so nice to have you here! I am thrilled Ginny sent you my way hope to see you each week for Crafting On. Okay, back to the homeschooling and house hunting madness!

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