Sunday, March 12, 2017

When it rains pours!
 How about we just not discuss where we will live or what job Kevin will have because I do feel that my brain might just explode...sick baby sick baby IMG_7840

-My poor sweet baby boy has been sick for the past couple of days. Not sure what it is that he has exactly but he is miserable. Sleepless nights with high fevers and clingy days resulting in sweet cuddles but nothing getting done (and boy is time ticking until we move!).

-The brakes on our van were completely shot so we had them fixed (a nice unexpected cost) and then the next day as I drove to church I noticed that our windshield is cracked.Now to look into getting that repaired.

-One of our kitties somehow managed to partially knock out two of her teeth (we think a cat fight when we were not at home) which resulted in an overnight stay at the vet and mouth surgery.

-Our house inspection is coming up and we are nowhere near ready. Normally something like this wouldn't have me in a tizzy but if you knew what the civilian company that owns these military homes was like, trust me you would be just as anxious as I am. I kid you not, one of their negative reviews (and they were all negative) said be prepared to give up your first born child and every penny you own when you move out.

-And...okay, I will just stop there. I don't want to be a downer.

But even with all of that rain the sun was shining down on us today. As long as we stand together we are strong and will get though it. I know we are climbing that mountain right now and once we get to the top we'll be able to see everything clearly.

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