Sunday, March 5, 2017


IMG_7992 notice that hand! Please notice C's hand on her baby brother. It just melts my heart! time to declutter and purge The sad state of my office shelves

I am feeling rather exhausted but accomplished from our weekend. There was lots of time spent working on plans, back up plans and back up to the back up plans for our future. A smaller home will absolutely be in the future for us. I look forward to downsizing even more. I am feeling a bit less terrified and more hopeful and excited for what is to come.

The whole family was motivated to declutter and purge all weekend long. The children pleasantly surprised me with how much they wanted to get rid of. They have inspired me to crack down on my unreasonable craft supplies. I mean seriously look at that madness above! Not to mention how unorganized it is. Granted I haven't actually started yet (I was focused on purging books and fixing up the back yard all weekend) but hope to this week. I already know I will have a hard time purging my fabric stash but it just needs to be done!

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