Thursday, February 2, 2017


snow outside outside outside swing "skating" on ice tight grip happy so happy just can't get enough of his toothy grins love him so ride fox drawn by little L sweet dreams a rarity The temperatures are still frigid outside and I don't think this snow has any intention of leaving anytime soon. Kevin and the girls have been taking the opportunity to test out their cold weather camping gear. I think they are slightly crazy but then again I am happily relishing a house with a good heating system - a luxury we did not have back in Oregon.

Baby F decided not to take his nap today only to fall asleep about two minutes after I put him in the Tula on my back. Of course that was right before we were heading out the door. But never mind that -  I had to soak in that moment of sweetness. I took him off of me to get dressed and he stayed asleep. That is a rarity, for sure. Nap time is becoming more and more of a struggle each day. I am hoping this nap strike isn't becoming a trend. Little L gave up naps early and that was a challenge I was hoping to avoid with Baby F. I'm crossing my fingers it's teething causing all of this.

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