Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter Wonderland

wooly snuggles why yes that is a cat toy in the snow (he dropped it) Tír Chonaill - Baby Wearing Edition (unblocked) Tír Chonaill - Baby Wearing Edition (unblocked) love dark eyed junco tracks you can see her breath!
You can see her breath!
snow snow snow nearly to the top of my boots and still coming
Nearly to the top of my snow boots and still coming!
snow snow snow snow snow Welcome to our winter wonderland! It has been snowing on and off the past few weeks giving us a few inches on the ground, but the past two days it has snowed nonstop and it is still coming! This is the most snow my children have ever seen. They are thrilled, as I am sure you can imagine. Daddy even got a snow day off work. I feel like I have moved back to New York. I can still vividly remember the blizzards I experienced growing up there. I have a feeling this snowstorm will be one that stays in my children's memories for years to come, too.

I took this snowy opportunity to try out my Tír Chonaill - Baby Wearing Edition with Baby F. It definitely keeps the two of us extra cozy and warm and as a bonus I don't think you could lose us in the snow with the colors I knit it in! I am fearful of blocking it because the red yarn I knit with was bleeding all over my hands so that is why the bottom of it is flipping up. I might try the steam method of blocking to remedy that in the near future, though.

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