Sunday, January 22, 2017


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Thank you so very much to all of you for your encouraging comments on my post about our upcoming move. They made my week and made the whole situation feel just a little less overwhelming. I am trying to remember to just day it day by day. Having Baby F's birthday coming up this week seems to be helping to take the edge off.

Speaking of Baby F, he is growing up almost overnight on us! He started walking holding onto our hands last week (completely out of nowhere) and today he suddenly took his first step as he went from hanging on to the windowsill to walking towards me. Does he know he is turning one this week? He is cutting a new tooth right now, too. With so much happening at once my poor little guy isn't sleeping much. I hope that it settles down for him soon, it breaks my heart to see him miserable.

K rearranged her room over the weekend. She is a mini-me in that regard. I can remember constantly moving the furniture around in my own bedroom growing up. She pushed her bed up against the wall making her room a lot more spacious since her last arrangement. I am noticing that the whole family is drawn to her room now. It is so welcoming without all the clutter that filled it before. It is making me realize that I need to work on making the rest of our home feel this way, even if it is only for a few more months. Oh while we are on the subject, I was thinking of getting Little L some kind of toy chest with a lid for his train tracks that are taking over our home. I have only just started looking but am having a hard time finding one that is big enough, made from real wood and is friendly on the budget (we are trying to pay off the last bit of debt we have before he retires). I thought I might check with all of you to see if you know of any off hand.

p.s. - the booties pictured above are the project I mentioned that I was knitting for a friend awhile back. They are finished and have already been sent off - actually they were even already received and looking quite cute on an adorable baby girl. Pattern info can be found here. Oh and do you happen to remember me talking about those books (the booties are on) many years ago? Kevin got them for me for Christmas. I am looking forward to reading them all over again.

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