Monday, January 30, 2017

.: O n e :.

Celebrating my perfect little miracle baby in pictures (because I have far too many). I still get chills when I think about his arrival. He is such a gift. I can't believe I have had the honor of being his Mama for a whole year already. Blessed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel having him in my life. one morning sunshine! Just woke up crown off! Wearing his birthday crown (for about five seconds) happy birthday boy laughing at big brother's antics present opening loving his blocks presents push wagon Opening presents party bunting party bunting finished party bunting highchair banner Handmade decorations foxy 1st
Yeah, I went overboard
clearance decorations morning latte with the perfect birthday napkins ...and we also bought some decorations. I just couldn't resist. We went to our local party store and asked them if they happened to have any fox decorations. They pointed us to the clearance section where fox themed baby's first birthday decoration were. How much more perfect could it get?! Obviously, I loaded up the cart.
really?! For me???? For me?! frosting A bit uncertain but checking out the frosting. not letting go First bite and not letting go yum Birthday cupcake.
Normally my babies get a banana on their first birthdays as they usually are just starting solids. This little guy, on the other hand, started much earlier so a cake was in order. I wanted a cake that would taste good to all of us (including non-vegan guests) but still be relatively healthy. We decided on high-rise pumpkin cupcakes from Oh She Glows Everyday topped with "frosting" made from coconut cream sweetened with maple syrup. I think it fit the bill.

His handmade gifts: Baby F's birthday crown back of the crown See, I told you his birthday crown was going to be a lot simpler than my usual ones. I didn't want to distract from that cute ribbon. birthday outfit reversible pants reversible pants His birthday outfit. The shirt was from here and I made the pants using the quick change pattern from here. As you can see his pants have lots of growing room. I overcompensated when I modified the pattern to fit over cloth diapers. Oops. Owl (unfinished) by C and fox by K Gifts from the girls. The (unfinished) owl was made by C and the fox by K. highchair cushions highchair cushions His highchair cushion covers root children stacking blocks Root children stacking blocks bought second hand back on our trip to Oregon (while still pregnant with Baby F) fox sneakers Fox sneakers because, cute!

I don't have photos of him in his birthday sweater yet (but will soon). Also my children reminded me that I forgot the most important gift - his own doll version of himself. All my children receive Waldorf dolls on their first birthdays. I did actually remember but didn't find the time and to be honest Little L's lack of interest in his doll made me lose my enthusiasm for making one. But perhaps in the near future I will visit doll making again.

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