Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Year Without a Christmas Tree

Christmas bells Christmas bells our make do Christmas tree Christmas storm Christmas play baby in a box baby and a fox in a box having fun drumming on his pillow hedgehog mittens!!! A fox for my baby fox
fair maiden
C wanted this costume for years - Nana and Grandpa made her day! hello fox C's Christmas hedgehog C's Christmas hedgehogPhoebe's new sweater Christmas 2016 A new sweater for C's Phoebe for Christmas happy boy fox in a box my baby redhead Hello, hello! I feel like I have been pretty absent here these last weeks of Advent. I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season so far. I honestly can't believe it is already the fourth day! This year my children are truly reminding me of the meaning of Christmas. Remember my mention of Kevin being away for a few weeks? Well, that time away was extended and he didn't end up getting back home to us until last Thursday. Talk about a mad scramble to get everything ready before Sunday!

Every year we try to wait as long as possible to get our Christmas tree. This year the wait was a bit longer because we wanted to pick it out with Daddy. There are only two places to get them locally so we essentially play a game of "tree chicken" trying not to wait too long to get one or else they may all be gone. Well, this year we lost. Not only were they sold out locally but in Boise as well. I was fretting just a bit, wanting this Christmas to be perfect since it will be our last one here. Ridiculously allowing myself to be consumed with self-pity I mumbled something under my breath about having no tree. Little L somehow heard me, looked deeply into my eyes and said, "Mama, we don't need a tree for it to be Christmas." The pure innocence, wisdom and love in his words just made me melt. He was right. The next day K took her personal mini tree from her room and placed it in our front room where we would normally keep our tree. We decided that would be just the perfect thing. Little L topped it with his "Happy Birthday Jesus" star he made in RE class, reminding us what Christmas is all about.

Bhakti trying to sit under the tree p.s. - Our cat, on the other hand, is not too happy about our lack of a Christmas tree this year. She loves spending all her time sleeping under the tree. The little one just isn't cutting it for her, but as you can see in the photo she is trying her best to make do!

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