Monday, November 28, 2016

Surprise! {and the first light of Advent}

thankful tree leaves waiting
full of gratitude
gratitude gratitude I think we need a bigger table He adores her piano practice bowling bowling wiggle worm singing pretending to play sweet moment dragon slide for his shark :D love these guys! first Sunday of Advent RE class L's Advent wreath from RE We have so much to be thankful for, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Well, perhaps with that surprise I mentioned last week. My children's dearest friends from Oregon (mine, too!) came out for a surprise visit for Thanksgiving break. Man that was a hard secret to keep! I nearly spilled the beans quite a few times. I thought I pulled it off but it turned out that K saw a couple of messages on my phone and figured it out. She then told C but they didn't tell Little L because they knew he just can't keep a secret. So at least he was surprised! Either way they were all reunited and so full of joy.

We celebrated the first Sunday of Advent today. I was a bit exhausted and even though I prepared weeks ago and had an amazing Advent prep get together with some incredible Catholic homeschooling mamas, I still fell behind. Our candles are out and were lit at dinnertime but we have yet to take our Advent wreath gathering walk and make our wreath. Maybe tomorrow. One day at a time. Isn't Advent about patience and preparation after all?

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