Wednesday, October 26, 2016

sniffles and jack o' lantern painting

falling behind Jack O'Lanterns snuggling ripening K's needlefelting painting painting his Jack O' Lantern painted pumpkin ready to be made into a Jack O' Lantern back of C's Jack O' Lantern

The children and I all got hit with colds this week (I blame myself for slacking with thieves and elderberry syrup for a few days). I tried to ignore it and write off our sniffles as just seasonal allergies but I guess that was really just wishful thinking on my part. We are spending the week resting all cozy and warm inside our house. Housework has fallen by the wayside (isn't  that always the first thing to go when you're sick?). Snuggling in blankets and crafting have taken over. Something about creating seems to bring comfort to my sick little ones so this seemed like the perfect time to try a craft my friend Cynthia recently shared. It is geared towards younger children (Like Little L's age) but my girls can never pass up any sort of crafting opportunity and joined in.
The project is really similar to our watercolor Jack O' Lanterns except instead of using beeswax crayons to make their faces, you cut them out. Then you glue yellow tissue paper to the back so they look like they are illuminated by a candle. I think they are pretty sweet. I love (and should have expected) that Little L's Jack O' Lantern has shark teeth.

Here is our favorite Halloween song to sing while you work on your own Jack O' Lanterns:

Jack O' Lantern, Jack O' Lantern, 
How your light it does shine, 
Sitting up upon the window, 
And your light it does shine. 

You were once an orange pumpkin, 
Sitting on a pumpkin vine, 
Now you are my Jack O' Lantern, 
And your light it is mine.

Have a beautiful rest of the week, friends!

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