Sunday, October 23, 2016

Golden October

gathering golden leaves autumn gathering autumn splendor gathering
I so love C's long hair.
gathering carpet gathering owlet staying dry walking in the rain tuckered out beewaxed leaves garland beeswax leaf garland

  Scarlet and yellow, golden and brown, 
Winds of October Blow the leaves down 
Tear from the branches, their curtains and spread, 
Carpets of yellow beneath them instead. 
Glistening with rain or a blaze in the sun, 
Falling in showers or dropped one by one, 
Fluttering treasures of autumn come down, 
Scarlet and yellow, golden and brown.  
 - MT Schunemann

We had a beautiful rainy October day recently and went outside to play. The children all brought their nature baskets and we gathered all the souvenirs autumn had to offer to bring back home with us. Now my home has its annual autumn smell of fresh leaves, thieves EO and beeswax. It smells heavenly. Somehow every year I forget just how much I love this piece of autumn (even though we have been beeswaxing leaves since October 2009! You can see all our posts here). That is until we pull out the beeswax crock pot and turn it on, simmering beeswax for days on end. I feel like only now can we say, "Let autumn commence!"

p.s. - I finally caught photos of C in her owlet sweater. I knit this last year for her and modified it the same way I did Little L's so that it was knit from the top down. Rav details can be found here.

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