Wednesday, September 28, 2016


yum!! first how does this work? get in my mouth K made the same exact face with her first solid food not so sure Those expressions! K made the same ones when she had her first solid food. A lot different than milk going down, eh?? all done
Around our house, babies wait until close to the age of one year before starting solids of any kind. With food allergies, lack of interest, their readiness (and my own!) that is just how it worked out. It has been the norm for the past three babies and I expected it to continue with our latest one. Baby F, on the other hand, had different plans. I should have known he would. At dinnertime he would watch us intently, studying how we bring silverware and cups to our mouths, all the while making chewing motions with his jaws mimicking ours. Recently he started lunging and grabbing for our food, screeching and screaming like a little velociraptor in my and Kevin's laps. That made things a bit interesting, let me tell you! Finally, just before eight months of age, exhausted and hungry from dinnertime struggles, I gave in and mashed up some avocado for him (we love our baby food grinder that was given to us back when K was a baby - similar to this one). Oh the sheer delight of sitting in a highchair for the first time and gnawing on a spoon full of anything other than milk. I think of all my babies, he enjoyed his first eating experience the most - even with the funny faces from feeling food go down his throat for the first time. I think we might be doing something different than our usual banana as a first birthday "cake" this time around...

his face is out of focus but i love how proud of himself he looks! "Ahh yes This is what I had been wanting!" This photo is blurry but doesn't he look so proud of himself after his first meal?

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