Wednesday, September 14, 2016


i really need an apothecary hutch! herbs taking over my kitchen an Irish rosary for a boy named after an Irish saint i love everything about this love gluten free vegan doughnuts Gluten-free vegan doughnuts - it can be done thanks to Chloe's Kitchen! bull snake bull snake Bull snake salve making laundry help amaranth Amaranth orb weaver Orb Weaver ironic

I am trying to convince Kevin and our budget (ha!) that we need an apothecary hutch. I think the evidence of such a need is overwhelming, I mean just look at the photographs above! My herbs and supplies are taking over our kitchen. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a real wood hutch in our price range yet but hopefully if I am patient enough one will present itself. I am looking forward to finding another fixer upper/painting project!

Little L found the book Mortimer's First Garden at the library recently. It is really a sweet book and I think we might have to add it to our collection eventually. I had to laugh when I read it to him though, as the mice visiting our garden have not been as patient and kind as Mortimer. In fact, they devoured our entire patch of wheat as well as our beans. I always try to plant extra for the animals and insects but these guys were being just a bit too greedy for my taste. We put down these live catch traps and have already caught and released five mice. Our wheat may be gone but I pray we can save the rest of the garden before the season is over.

On a similar note, we have wild amaranth growing in our yard this year. It is getting quite huge and trying to take over but I am hoping we can hold out on pulling it until after it has bloomed. I really want to try dyeing wool with it. I know C would love the pretty pink it is supposed to make.*sigh* I do believe I have too many ambitious thoughts at the moment and I have yet to finish K's birthday gifts for next week. I guess I'd better hop to it!

p.s. - Thank you for all of you input on the website issues. I am hoping to look into the viewing from a phone issues over the weekend.

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