Monday, August 8, 2016

His First

those eyelashes! Those eyelashes! They are so long! rabbitbrush Rabbitbrush hike taking off owyhee mountains snack break hiking hike buddies best of friends The very best of friends can you see our starting point way down there? This was about our halfway point. Can you see the building at the bottom blending in with the trees? That is where we started from. lonely tree at the top of one of the hills hike curly dock Curly dock exhausted Kaze Exhausted after our hike After the hike photo by C. Ignore my postpartum hair, It is so thin now all I can do is pull it back in a bun. After the hike photo by C. Ignore my postpartum hair, it is so thin now all I can do is pull it back in a bun. lizard burdock Burdock Little L rosehips Baby F went for his first real hike today. It is hard to believe (for me) that it has taken this long for him to get out with us, but then again he doesn't enjoy leaving the house much. That's okay, though. It was a beautiful hike up in the Owyhee Mountains and he actually fared very well, despite the unbearable heat. He slept through a good chunk of the hike on my back and was awake and chipper as we ate our dinner over the campfire afterwards.

The children and I had fun identifying plants and figuring out what their uses were as we hiked (like rabbitbrush for dyeing wool and curly dock for eating as well as dyeing wool. Both of which came home with us). I have become quite obsessed with finding uses for everyday weeds over the past few years. Oregon had so many we could use. I am still learning what is around us here in Idaho but there seems to be quite a few.

You see that photograph C took of Kevin, Baby F and I? Up until she took it we didn't have any photos of the three of us together. I am treasuring that photo, even if I am a sweaty mess.

Apparently I am quite exhausted from our hike as I can not seem to put words together so I think I had better sign off here and go get some rest! I hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as we did!

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