Monday, August 1, 2016

Water Baby

calendula our bountiful calendula harvest just keeps coming this year l doing dishes Little L doing dishes bat on top of one of our bird shelters This little guy found safety and rest in our backyard love in a mist Love in a mist IMG_9681 k and baby f shark 1st time swimming shark brothers
L had a nickname for Baby F ever since we decided on his name (when he was still in the womb). He called him Shark Finn. Now, I am sure you can imagine it was important to L that Baby F lived up to his name and loved sharks and the water as much as he did. I'm not certain on the shark part yet but I can tell you that he loves the water (now).

Kevin and our three older kids go swimming every week at our local pool. We would all go as a family when I was pregnant with Baby F but I hadn't gone since having him. I missed swimming but it was okay. I knew eventually I would get back to it. One day I decided to tag along. Kevin requested a swimsuit for Baby F. We didn't have one (L must have stretched out the one we had when he was a baby) but I did have a swim diaper so I grabbed that. We gathered the rest of our things and headed off to the pool.

I expected Baby F to scream at the mere sight of the pool but he didn't. He seemed rather relaxed as he gazed out at the water. Then I thought surely he will burst into tears once he is actually in the water. After all, he won't let me bring him near a bathtub or even sing his bath time song when we are at home. But he happily went into his daddy's arms. His siblings stayed close by (fearing the same reaction I did) offering moral support but he clearly didn't need it. He splashed, kicked, smiled, giggled and cooed the whole time he was in the water. Phew. It is rather an unwritten family rule - you have to enjoy the water. We are a family of swimmers. Much to L's relief, Baby F seems to feel that way, too.


I wanted to thank each and every one of you that commented and shared your own personal stories on my last post. You all really touched my heart. This blogging community here is truly just one big, beautiful tribe stretched across the world. I am so honored to be part of it. Thank you!

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