Monday, June 27, 2016

Out of Order

sleepy chubs and me (exhausted and in my old falling apart but very comfy sweater) kitchen window Do you see the robin perched on her nest? Do you see Mama Robin perched on her nest? cooking with baby f smiles

God, husband, children. I know how my priorities should go but it seems I have them all out of order or one barely existing at all. With all of my energy and focus on gently raising my children to make a difference in this world I seemed to have forgotten my poor husband. It became very obvious over the weekend. How easy it is to get lost some days. He is the reason I am fortunate enough to be a mama in the first place. We are a team, he and I, but I admit I have not being giving him all he deserves. I need to work on setting things right and continue striving to be the mama God called me to be, but also be the wife my husband needs. Balance can be such a tricky thing!

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