Monday, May 9, 2016


mama tulip from L
tulips from K and L
all things
ring pop (never had one before) blue teeth

K woke up this morning sick to her stomach. We *think* it might be from partaking in some candy and other food her tummy isn't used to yesterday at the Mother/Daughter tea party we attended. Thankfully, as of this evening she seems to be doing a lot better, but we decided we would just postpone Mother's day until another day when everyone is up to it. I don't believe it is a day about me, but a day to celebrate my children. After all, they are the reason I am blessed to be called Mother in the first place. Mother's day just isn't mother's day without all of my children, especially that thoughtful K of mine. She had been making and executing plans for this day for the past couple of weeks, encouraging and exciting her siblings in the process. We couldn't just go about our day without her.

But for all of you that are celebrating Mother's Day today I wanted to share with you something I happened to read this afternoon that really resonated with me. I thought it might speak to you, too:

May our daughters grow up with an understanding of the truth, beauty and GRIT that is motherhood. That ours is the most demanding, most sacred, most god-like vocation on the planet. That women everywhere are sanctified and unified by this common point of sacrifice that all of us give, regardless of our socio-economic status or mothering style. We each one of us ache and bleed and cry for our children as women for all generations have always done and future women will always do.
- Ellie, Soul GardeningJournal Issue 17

Wishing you all a beautiful Mother's Day!

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