Sunday, March 6, 2016

Celebrating our shark

{Yes, this birthday post is late!} birthday ring and crocus reading birthday morning .:Finally - his very own paint set (from Nana and Grandpa):. cutting out shark tattoos .:Cutting out his shark tattoos:. did his own face paint .:Did his own face paint (he said he was a shark):. morning light birthday boy wildcraft playing wildcraft .:Playing Wildcraft:. funny shark cake .:My goofy attempt at a shark cake:. birthday sweater flax mods .:His birthday sweater- a flax with a broken rib stitch mod. Rav notes here:. night time cute little face hammerhead shark!
Five. How can that be?! I admit that since the birth of Baby F, Little L does look a lot older but I still see him as my baby. His birthday celebration was over the course of a few days due to me just not being able to get my act together. I still can't. He waited patiently to receive a special knit shark for days after his birthday only to have it come out like a mutant shark, yet he is still happy with it.

My dear, sweet boy. He is our bringer of light and lover of life. How very blessed we are to have chosen us to be his family.

p.s. I apologize for not responding to recent comments. I will be very soon, though!

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