Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bits and Pieces

little l being the blood moon little l being the blood moon Little L pretending to be the blood moon. little l's blood moon drawing/pattern little l's finished blood moon

Little L has been obsessed with the moon - especially the blood moon after seeing the rare super harvest blood moon back in September. One night while the girls were with Kevin at AHG, Little L asked me to make him his own blood moon. He drew a pattern for me, picked out fabric and we got to work. It is a simple toy and I admit I would have never thought it, but he loves that moon.

something my other babies never did baby dreams
A new to me sight. My other children didn't have pacifiers but my midwife suggested it to help with Baby F's latch issues (more on that later). I was glad I could find natural rubber pacifiers. So far it's a novelty and lasts all of ten seconds.
he really doesn't like light at night His eyes seem to be looking blue now! loving baby brother trying to comfort love fell asleep I adore the images of K with Baby F above. He has been rather colicky and in need of comfort and love from all of us in the evening hours (Baby F, that is. Although I suppose Kevin could use some extra love from us all, too!). The last photo of Kevin asleep sitting up while holding a swaddled Baby F pretty much sums up our nights lately. Sleep has become a luxury but that's okay, I can sleep when they are all grown. Right now I will soak up these fleeting moments, but perhaps with an extra cup of coffee!

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