Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring is coming!

c's african violets c's african violets experimenting with juicing in the vitamix feels like spring getting some chubba thighs <3 sunshine cuddles
spring is coming, spring is coming
birdies build your nest.
weave together straw and feather
doing each your best.

spring is coming, spring is coming
flowers are waking, too.
daisies, lilies, and daffodils
now are coming through.

spring is coming, spring is coming
all around is fair.
shimmer, glimmer on the meadow,
joy is everywhere.

Spring is still far away, yet I have been humming this song the past few days as the sunshine comes pouring into our home. I can't help but daydream. Even our indoor plants have noticed and have sent forth blossoms. The sunlight is very deceiving though. If you step outside the wind will chill you to the bone.

The thoughts of springtime gardening have me wanting nothing but smoothies and juices. Following the advice of Angela Liddon, I experimented with making juice in my Vitamix instead of pulling out our big juicer (in my very messy kitchen, because who has time to clean their kitchen with a new baby?!). I made her Yogi juice and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Vitamix method works!

Some of our most beloved friends from back in Portland  are coming out to visit us next week and we can not wait! I don't think I could put into words just how excited we are to see them. It will be a glorious visit for sure!

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