Sunday, February 14, 2016

right now

my little helper scrubbing the benches {my little helper} smaller sized pilot cap mini pilot cap pilot cap {more baby knits} setting up for Lent on Ash Wednesday Ashes {Ash Wednesday} twinkle toes night time cuddles dog snuggles loves his Nara {dog snuggles} his special blanket tiny napper such teeny arms {little peanut}

Sleep deprivation, or I guess broken sleep would be more accurate, has taken it's toll on me so I won't even try to put many words together or articulate tonight. Well, broken sleep coupled with stress about some pretty big life plans coming up. Those plans are creating good stress though, if such a thing exists. I think this change will be good overall but will be very challenging. I'll share more at another time. However, I can share pretty pictures right now.

Kevin goes back to work this week and I am a bit frightened of the prospect of him not being at home 24/7.

Baby F only has one or two hats that actually fit his tiny head so I cast on another pilot cap since it was a quick knit but used smaller needles and some scrumptious Luna Grey sport weight yarn. The result was just the right size. You can see my Rav notes here.

His baby blanket can be seen here.

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